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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete my modular building project?

Time to completion depends greatly on the complexity of the project. An average building based on a PC (Pre Check) plan can commonly be completed within sixty (60) days. For more complex building requirements, contact our offices for an estimated time to completion.

What materials does Enviroplex use to build custom modular buildings?

All of our projects are constructed primarily from wood, built on steel frames and designed to meet or exceed current California seismic building standards. Our building materials are all purchased from American companies and are sourced from within the United States. We keep very little raw material in our facility inventory - all of our building materials are relatively new or recently sourced when we utilize them.

What can we expect once our building is completed and ready to deliver?

Once your Enviroplex modular buildings have been completed, they can be delivered and erected quickly on site. Fully constructed at our factory, your new modular buildings are delivered via flatbed truck and crane-installed in a matter of days. Electrical installation is completed within a week, and within three weeks of delivery the building will be fully habitable. Within 30 days of installation, we will be ready to perform a final evaluation and turn over the final completed modular building.

How much noise, mess, etc. can we expect when our new building is delivered?

Very little. We prefer not to disrupt your work site any more than necessary. We perform as much of the construction as possible at our facility, and design our buildings to be quickly and easily assembled after being delivered to your site.

What building standards do your projects adhere to?

All of our modular buildings are designed and constructed to meet or exceed the highest current building and seismic standards applicable to California public buildings.

Don't all modular buildings look alike?

No, and once our building has been delivered and site assembly has completed, it is almost impossible to tell that Enviroplex buildings are in fact modular in construction. It’s true that some modular’s are very basic and have a similar “cookie cutter” appearance however, Enviroplex and its leading design ideas coupled with incredible flexibility allow for such wide variations in building style and finish that no two will ever look the same; that is unless you want them too!

What foundation options does Enviroplex offer?

Stem wall concrete foundation with an 18” crawl space and venting per code, with perimeter counter flashing. With this system the building is set at grade. We also offer a wood foundation that includes ADA access ramps and perimeter skirting.

What kind of Exterior Finishes are Available?

We have installed all of the common commercially available exterior finish options on a wide variety of projects including vertical panel cement board siding, lap siding, Standard Three Coat stucco, Eisenwall Stucco system, Stuc-O-Flex®, MDO, and various stone veneers with the ability to incorporate other options into our building design as needed.

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