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Willow Elementary School

Napa Valley Unified School District High Performance Modular Building   PDF Gallery
Willow Elementary School
Owner: Napa Valley Unified School District
Architect: Quattrocchi Kwok Architects
Napa Valley Unified School District

When Napa Valley USD needed new buildings to accommodate students from El Centro Elementary and Salvador Elementary, they opted to combine two schools into one comprehensive learning environment. To meet the challenge, the district partnered with Enviroplex and Quattrocchi Kwok Architects to design and construct two new classroom buildings, a new kindergarten wing, and a new administration building. The result, a new school with a new name, Willow Elementary School.

Napa Valley Unified School District

The combined 20,640 square feet of new space is constructed from high quality, eco-friendly materials. The buildings are both healthy and energy efficient, with elevated ceilings and clerestory windows that maximize daylight harvesting. High performance HVAC systems circulate fresh, filtered air throughout the adaptable space. Keeping as much of the original landscaping intact, the Daylight Classrooms wrap around a centralized courtyard, providing indoor/outdoor learning opportunities for all ages.

Classroom Building Features
• Floor to ceiling height of 15’
• Interactive learning boards
• Interior HVAC units
• Long-lasting concrete sub-floors with VCT flooring
• Pendent hung high efficiency lighting
• Clerestory windows
• Mechanical roller shades
• 2:12 mono-slope roof
• Casework
• 3-coat stucco
Administration Building Features
• Custom windows
• Custom-designed VRV HVAC system
• Long-lasting concrete sub-floors
• Low-maintenance carpet tiles
• Environmentally friendly ceramic tile
• Fire-resistant Gypsum Board ceilings in restrooms
• Detached 3:12 pitched roof with California hip roof at entrance
• Sturdy, energy efficient roller shades
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