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About Enviroplex

About Enviroplex Inc. Enviroplex floor plan King Childcare Facility

About Enviroplex

A wholly owned subsidiary of McGrath RentCorp (NASDAQ: MGRC), Enviroplex was founded in 1991 to offer a new standard of excellence in modular workspace design. Today our engineering and fabrication team build customized, cost effective and DSA (Division of State Architect)-approved modular building systems for educational, governmental, military, commercial and nonprofit organizations throughout the Western United States.

Modern Technology. Innovative Design.

Innovative Design

The Enviroplex factory - a cutting edge, 125,000 square foot engineering Innovative Design and manufacturing facility based in Stockton, California - has been designed to enable our team to produce high quality custom modular buildings according to our customers' exacting specifications. With modern, AutoCAD-based engineering and a library of available pre-approved PC designs, our technical experts are able to meet and exceed even the most demanding building and code compliance requirements.

Enviroplex holds an open piggyback contract that allows statewide purchase of modular structures pursuant to Public Contract Code 20118.

“...our commitment to continuing education and innovative problem solving...”

Dedication. Expertise. Excellence.

Our team has been carefully handpicked to deliver the finest design, fabrication and customer support service available in today's modular building industry. Nearly half of our staff has been with Enviroplex for a decade or more. And our commitment to continuing education and innovative problem solving ensures that our team's talents are always matched to the very latest in production optimizations and industrial advances.

Serving as a single point of contact to our customers, Enviroplex coordinates modular building planning, design, fabrication, delivery and installation under one roof.

Innovative Modular Design. Versatile Quality.

Innovating For You. Building For The Future.

We relish the opportunity to tackle tough challenges. All of our modular buildings are designed to comply with the highest standard seismic ratings, as well as the most rigorous applicable coding standards. Utilizing the highest quality materials and energy optimized product features, our buildings are engineered to last - and to reliably perform to the highest expectations.

At Enviroplex, we are redefining the future of modular space. Practical, cost-effective and precisely designed to meet even your most demanding needs, our buildings deliver on the potential of the modular workplace: the spaces created for you, with the versatility that any future challenges may require.

Innovative Modular Design. Versatile Quality.

Enviroplex building designs combine the best engineering principles and technical expertise available in today's modular building industry. Highly adaptable to your specific educational, commercial or institutional space needs, our buildings incorporate energy efficient features, contemporary aesthetics and durable construction to create versatile and cost effective workspaces.

Every Enviroplex design is developed using state of the art, AutoCAD-based engineering and a broad library of pre-check (PC) approved building plans.

Enviroplex standard building designs include:

  • Wood construction with heavy duty steel frames
  • 9' foot ceiling heights
  • 5 x 5 corner columns
  • Fixed grid T-bar ceiling system
  • Energy efficient mechanicals
  • Permanent concrete foundations
  • 1-1/2:12 steep pitched roof design
  • Concrete stem wall foundations
  • Enhanced structural and interior features
  • Restrooms, kitchenettes, washer/dryer connections available

Beyond Flexible. Exceeding Expectations.

As modular space solutions become more sophisticated and efficient, the building projects that depend on them are growing more complex and challenging. Enviroplex modular building designs - flexible, highly adaptable, cost effective - deliver the options you need to quickly create the building that your organization needs, with the optional design features to satisfy even the most ambitious project requirements.

One or two-story building designs available Concrete subfloors Built at grade to avoid the need for ramps Offices, reception areas, restrooms, kitchenettes, server rooms, washer/dryer connections Roll up doors Shade structures Factory applied finishes Custom casework and plumbing

Green Designs

As demand increases for more sustainable, environmentally friendly modular workspaces, we at Enviroplex are busy sharpening the cutting edge in green design. Flexibility, utility and cost effectiveness: combining the best values in sustainable building, our engineers deliver environmentally friendly building plans that exceed expectation. How Enviroplex Advances Green Building.

How Enviroplex Advances Green Building.

Environmentally friendly modular buildings don't require a sacrifice of aesthetics, comfort or cost effectiveness. For organizations eager to capitalize on the latest advances in sustainable building technologies, Enviroplex building designers have created a comprehensive solution that advances the environmental state of the art.

All materials used in the construction of Enviroplex modular buildings, from steel and lumber to insulation and electrical components, are sourced and purchased in the United States. Made of 70-95% already-recycled materials, all Enviroplex buildings are themselves 100% recyclable.

Available sustainability features include:

  • Solotube tubular skylights with power shades
  • Automatic light adjustment with occupancy sensors
  • Low VOC, high R-value insulation
  • High performance lighting systems
  • Certified cool roof standing seam roof
  • Dual valve water saving plumbing fixtures
  • High reflectivity/low emissivity white cool roof standing seam roof (Title 24-certified)
  • SEER 15 high efficiency HVAC system
  • Vinyl-framed, dual glaze low-e windows
  • Sustainable interior finishes
  • Design features to resist mold growth

LEED Compliant.

Enviroplex designs and fabricates environmentally sustainable modular building systems that offer complete compliance with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards as often as possible. Established and administered by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED certification provides guidance for site planning, water and energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality and sustainable use of building materials.

The goal of Enviroplex’s LEED-compliant building program is to design modular building systems that use resources more safely and efficiently, protect occupant health and offer long term environmental sustainability without sacrificing utility or cost effectiveness. For more information about our commitment to LEED building certification standards, contact our offices.

Take a New Look at the Future of Modular Space.


From classrooms to cafeterias, simple workspaces to two-story retail complexes, the future of modular buildings demands fresh perspectives on tough challenges. Innovations in cafeteriasworkspace design have created a new standard of excellence in the modular building industry - one based on raising expectations, and delivering reliable custom precision when organizations need it most.

At Enviroplex, we welcome the future. Confronted by big problems or small, our team utilizes the latest advances in building techniques and technologies to deliver quality modular buildings at competitive prices. Our modular workspaces combine the best in traditional design and cutting edge engineering, offering our customers a powerful range of customization options that few builders today can match.

So take a new look at modular space. Tell us about your organization's modular building needs, and learn how Enviroplex can deliver the precision performance that true innovation can offer.

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